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2021: New Year, Amazing You – Pt. 1

We made it! After experiencing such an emotional roller coaster in 2020, I’ll be the first to say that I’m glad to be starting fresh. While 2020 was filled with so many blessings and much increase, ... READ the POST

A Basic Event Planning Guide

The most important thing to remember when planning an event is that no two events are the same. From the event type to the event size, there’s a variety of factors that change from one event to the ... READ the POST

Churches: Are You Prepared To Be Sued?

Churches are birthed out of a desire to help people discover the transformation that comes from living life based on biblical principles. When parishioners are provided with solid biblical teaching ... READ the POST

An Overview On Virtual Assistants

A virtual assistant/administrator (also known as a VA) is a highly skilled, independent professional who provides administrative/technical support services for businesses and entrepreneurs. This term ... READ the POST